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Here's a little FAQ on the show

1) How does the transporter work?

The transporter converts physical form into energy and then transfers that energy to where it's needed, then converts the energy back into physical form.

2) How fast can the Enterprise fly?

Wap 9 is its theortical maximum, although in 1 episode it flew at warp 14!

3) How does warp drive work?

Warp drive breaks Einstein's theory of relativity, which says that 'As an object approaches the speed of light, time slows down until it stops, therefore you can't reach the speed of light.' Really? and how do you explain light from a star getting to Earth smartarse? If time had stopped we wouldn't get the light from the star.

Warp drive itself is the warping of space through a controlled meeting of matter and antimatter focused through a dylithium crystal.

4) Is Kirk a psycho?


5) Are you a sad git?

Very likely! But I really enjoy Star Trek and watch it often.

6) Are the Star Trek books and animated series considered 'official'?

No, Gene Roddenberry said that although the books and animated series were entertaining, they shouldn't be considered 'official.' On this site you wil find a review of the animated show Yesteryear though, as it's important story stuff for Spock. The books are great and I really like them, especially, Dreadnought, Time For Yesterday, Yesterday's Son, The Entropy Effect, The Rift, Mudd In Your Eye, Assignment: Eternity, First Frontier, The First Adventure, The Great Starship Race and The Disinherited.

7) What do you say to non-Trekkers who diss the show?

'Watch it and learn something before slagging it off.'

8) Who's your favourite villain?

Khan. He's a psycho sod and he's great! Actually he's an intelligent character and is fun to watch.

9) Where can I get Star Trek toys, books etc?

Most bookshops are pretty good at having the latest Trek books, for older ones, try Amazon or Ebay. Same with toys, although some toys and models can be pretty pricey, so don't shell out too quick!

10) Is Star Wars better than Star Trek?

I think they're about even. I like Star Trek more, but enjoy the Star Wars films (except for the newer ones!).

11) Is it true that Leonard Nimoy hated Spock until recently?

I don't think Nimoy hated Spock, I think he hated the press intruding on his life more than anything. If you read I Am Not Spock he doesn't get nasty or insulting, and if you read his second book, I Am Spock (I wish he'd make up his mind about the titles though!!!!!) he says 'I don't hate Spock at all.'

12) What do you think of the other Star Trek shows and films?

Next Gen is great. As are the Next Gen films apart from Generations which is silly buggers, frankly. DS9 was only good when they were at war or having a 'change-of-pace' episode, and Voyager was on misfire from the start. I think they made about 5 good episodes a season! Enterprise seems OK, but needs some more varied plots.

13) Do you think Kirk will return?

I hope so! I haven't signed up for one of those 'Bring Back Kirk' sites though, but he's the most fun captain-and the best so it'd be good to see him come back.

14) Have you written any fan fiction?

Yeah, it's a crossover story with my other fave TV show, The Professionals, but I don't think it's very good.

15) Kirk never said 'Beam me up, Scotty' did he?

No, the closest he got was 'Scotty, beam me up' in Star Trek 4. Shatner did get to say the line in a British TV ad a few years ago though.

16) What other countries is Star Trek popular in, apart from America?

Britain, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, China, Canada, Brazil and Argentina all have large fanclubs. 




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