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The Cage

In Germany this episode is called 'Der Kafig'

Written by: Gene Roddenberry

Directed by: Robert Butler

This was the first pilot episode, and instead of starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk, it had Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike.

The story itself is pretty good, featuring mind-altering aliens and a real twist in the tail ending, but that's not the reason to watch this one. This is an interesting one to watch to see how Star Trek COULD have turned out. Note that this featured a woman as first officer. In the mid 60's when this was produced, that would have created a massive stir! One of the reasons that this was ordered to be remade with a more traditional cast. Also check out that Spock is not as cool as he would turn out to be.

Not as fun as the series proper but an entertaining story. 

1) The Man Trap, German title: Das Letzte seiner Art

Written by: George Clayton Johnson

Directed by: Marc Daniels

McCoy's ex-girlfriend and her scientist husband are under atack from a salt vampire.

Er....OK, this episode is pretty good in places but the plot is so rubbish I almost fell off the chair laughing! Bones can't see that his ex is not his ex. What a laugh. Spock not behaving right, urgh and Kirk has about the most loud scream I've ever heard on a bloke. Watch on a rainy day if you must.

2) Charlie X, German title:  Der Fall Charlie

Written by: D.C Fontana and Gene Roddenberry

Directed by: Lawrence Dobkin

An orphan teenager with telekenetic powers wreaks havoc on the Enterprise

Better than The Man Trap but still not into quality yet. The actor who plays Charlie is either very believable or crap, there's no middle ground. Good tension when the telekenetic race shows up and takes Charlie away though.

3) Where No Man Has Gone Before, German title: Spitze des Eisbergs

Written by: Samuel A. Peeples

Directed by: James Goldstone

The Enterprise flies beyond the edge of the galaxy and Kirk's best mate starts to mutate into a superhuman

This was actually the second pilot shown so it doesn't make sense that it's the third in order. Very good episode this one, action packed and pacey with some good acting (especially from Shatner when he realises he has to kill Mitchell). Spock's solution to Mitchell's problem is pretty cold blooded! Samuel Peeples was a sci-fi writer, and was one of those invited to come up with story ideas for the first Star Trek film. Good fight scene but why couldn't they hire some stuntmen who actually LOOKED like Shatner and the other guy? Also this is the first time Kirk gets his shirt ripped in a punch-up. Good ep. 

4) The Naked Time, German title: Implosion in der Spirale

Written by: John D.F. Black

Directed by: Marc Daniels

The crew lose their inhibitions after coming into contact with a strange water based disease.

Good acting, duff idea. The scene where Sulu goes on a chopping spree is fun, Shatner reigns in the overacting for his little jaunt, and Nimoy is very believable when he seccumbs. Overall good entertainment but the story (although Sci-Fi) is duff duff duff.

5) The Enemy Within, German title: Kirk : 2 = ?

Written by: Richard Matheson

Directed by: Leo Penn

Kirk is split into 2 after a transporter accident.

The first and most original transporter accident episode is the best episode of the early ones. We learn how far Shatner will go to overact when the evil half goes mad on the bridge. We see the Vulcan nerve pinch for the first time too. Very rewatchable episode, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Also this is the first episode where Bones says 'He's dead, Jim.'

6) Mudd's Women, German title: Die Frauen des Mr. Mudd

Written by: Stephen Kandal and Gene Roddenberry

Directed by: Harvey Hart

Harry Mudd has given 3 fit babes a drug to make them even more beautiful.

Pretty daft this one, but shows Star Trek is not afraid of comedy. Not as good as the second Harry Mudd episode but well worth watching just for some fun!

7) What Are Little Girls Made Of? German title: Der alte Traum

Written by: Robert Bloch

Directed by: James Goldstone

Kirk discoveres a scientist who is obsessed with making androids

Pretty intelligent episode this one, and quite scary as well. The big bloke, Ruk is very effective. The end is very well done and is quite sad in it's own way. This ep was written by horror writer Robert Bloch and he does a good job. Roddenberry has a habit of mixing with respected writers and have them come on the show, as we shall see.

8) Miri, German title: Miri, der Kleinling

Written by: Adrian Spies

Directed by: Vincent McEveety

On a planet that is an exact parallel of Earth, Kirk and Spock discover that all the adults have died and the only people left alive are children.

You have got to be joking!!! A cute kid ep is never a good one, and this one is no exception. Avoid.

9) Dagger Of The Mind, German title: Der Zentral-Nervensystemmanipulator

Written by: S. Bar-David

Directed by: Vincent McEveety

On Tantalus 5, Kirk discovers a virtual torture chamber mental home.

This episode is bad. Very. How is Van Gelder able to get on the bridge so easily? Why has no one sent a security team to this planet? I could go on, but I will say that this ep is only worth watching for the first glimps of Spock's mind meld. Crap, frankly.

10) The Corbomite Manouver, German title: Pokerspiele

Written by: Jerry Sohl

Directed by: Joeseph Sargant

The Enterprise is trapped by a huge ship called the Fesarius, captained by Balok.

Hmmmm... This one is worth watching but it's not hugely entertaining. Once or twice is enough, and when we get to see who Balok really is it's a HUGE letdown.

11) The Menagerie Pt 1, German title: Talos 4 Tabu 1

Written by: Gene Roddenberry

Directed by: Marc Daniels 

Has Spock committed mutiny? Why has he kidnapped his former captain and taken him back to Talos 4?

Very good one. It raises interesting questions about Spock's loyalty and his state of mind. The way in which The Cage episode is fitted into the story is very well done too. Shatner and Nimoy have settled into their roles well at this point, so Kirk and Spock come across as very real people, which adds to this ep's impact. Great stuff.

12) The Menagerie Pt 2, German title: Talos 4 Tabu 2

Written by: Gene Roddenberry

Directed by: Marc Daniels 

With Spock undergoing court martial for his actions, Kirk must learn what Spock is up to

The only 2 parter in the original series is also one of the few where the follow-up is as good as the first part. The Talosions' plans are well pieced out and Spock's reasons become clear. The court martial itself is a bit of a let down but this is still a great episode to enjoy. The acting is perfect and the setup and resolution are very good.

13) The Conscience Of The King, German title: Kodos, der Henker

Written by: Barry Trivers

Directed by: Gerard Oswald

An interstellar Shakespeare group may be being fronted by a man responsible for mass genocide.

One of the most forgettable eps of all time. Avoid.

14) Balance Of Terror, German title: Spock unter Verdacht

Written by: Paul Schneider

Directed by: Marc Daniels

Are the Romulans responsible for the destruction of several starbases along the Neutral Zone?

This is the first 'Enterprise in battle' episode and it's great. Apparently the writer watched submarine films to get a handle on this ep's plot. The crewman's suspicion of Spock is understandable, but Kirk's reaction to this is also, and the tension is unbearable at times. Some pretty good special effects too. On the whole I really like this one. Mark Lenard, he gets around a bit dunnee :-).

15) Shore Leave, German title: Landurlaub

Written by: Theodore Sturgeon

Directed by: Robert Sparr

On shore leave, the crew of the Enterprise encounter weird goings on and thoughts becoming reality.

This ep deserves one word: weird. Although this ep is written by Theodore Sturgeon, it's not his best work. That said if you can stick with it then this ep is fairly enjoyable but it's so strange that it's difficult to sit through. Once again Kirk gets his shirt ripped in a punch up. Maybe Starfleet should hire someone who designs tough all purpose uniforms?

16) The Galileo 7, German title: Notlandung auf Galileo 7

Written by: D.C. Fontana

Directed by: Robert Gist

Spock must take command of a shuttle mission after the shuttle crash-lands on a mysterious planet.

Parts of this ep are great, very well written stuff, with good charcter interplay, but the guy who likes riling up Spock-I wish he got eaten by those ape men things! This is an important ep to watch because it shows Spock under pressure and how he copes with different situations. Good stuff.

17) The Squire Of Gothos, German title: Tödliche Spiele auf Gothos

Written by: Paul Schneider

Directed by: Don McDougall

Kirk encounters a childish all powerful being

This is one of the best eps of the first season. The plot is intelligent and has been well though out. Trelane is clearly the test-bed for Q in Next Gen. Trelane and Kirk have a lot of fun squaring up to each other and this is a well written ep that is fun and also scary. The scene where you can see the shadow of the noose on the wall is very effective. Good acting here too.

18) Arena, German title: Ganz neue Dimensionen

Written by: Gene L. Coon

Directed by: Joseph Pevney

After a starbase is destroyed, Kirk and a lizard like alien must duke it out for survival.

Ah-the Gorn. Why didn't we see more of them? This is a brilliant episode, with lots of action and a well written, thoughtful ending. The scene where Kirk lobs the rock at the Gorn and it doesn't even slow the Gorn down....the look on Kirk's face is priceless! The Gorn itself has been very well designed. The scene where Kirk makes the cannon is full of tension but you couldn't possibly make gunpowder under those conditions.

19) Tommorrow Is Yesterday, German title: Morgen ist gestern

Written by: D.C. Fontana

Directed by: Michael O'Herlilhy

An escape from a black hole leaves the Enterprise stranded in 1969.

This is the first time travel ep, and although a good one, is not the best. The guest star is ok, but a bit flat. A lot of fun scenes especially with the security guards at the airbase! The effects when the ship is going back to the future are very well done for a limited budget!

20) Court Martial, German title: Kirk unter Anklage

Written by: Steven Carabatsos

Directed by: Marc Daniels

Kirk is charged with negligence after a crewman is 'accidentally' killed.

This is an OK ep, but so many people get killed during the Enterprise's adventures, so why is Kirk pulled up this time? The scene where Spock realises the computer has been tampered with is a good one, especially with Bones winding him up! The court martial scenes seem very 'real' too. Once again, Kirk gets his shirt ripped in a punch up. Pretty good ep, and worth watching more than once.

21) The Return Of The Archons, German title: Landru und die Ewigkeit

Written by: Boris Sobleman and Gene Roddenberry

Directed by: Joseph Pevney

Kirk must outwit a computer that is controlling a planet.

The first 'Kirk Versus The Computer' ep is nothing special. I haven't seen it for a while so I won't comment on it, yet.

22) The Alternative Factor, German title: Auf Messers Schneide

Written by: Don Ingalls

Directed by: Gerard Oswald

Kirk and Spock encounter 2 versions of the same being that are fighting for control of the universe

What a load of bollocks! AAAAAAAAARRGH!

23) A Taste Of Armageddon, German title: Krieg der Computer

Written by: Robert Hamner

Directed by: Joseph Pevney

Kirk encounters a planet that is at war using computers-against itself!

Same idea as in Return Of The Archons I think, but this is a very good one. The idea of using computers to control wars has all but been done nowadays. Kirk breaks the Prime Directive for the first time. Is the guy ever going to get busted for this? Nope, not by the look of it!

24) Space Seed, German title: Der schlafende Tiger

Written by: Gene L. Coon and Carey Wilbur

Directed by: Marc Daniels

The Enterprise discovers a sleeper ship full of genetically enhanced humans from the 20th century, led by Khan.

This to me is the best episode of the first season. The story was years ahead of it's time with its plot of genetics and cryo-sleep. Montalban is great is Khan, a charismatic leader who is a bad guy but has his reasons. Shatner, Nimoy and De Kelley all play off of him and each other. This must be one of the first Spock/Bones argument sessions, and it's worth rewinding a few times! You can tell just how much Gene L. Coon has given life to the series since he arrived. A real unsung hero of the show. The fight between Kirk and Khan at the end is very well done, and the payoff is interesting. Kirk lets them all off! Of course this leads to the best Star Trek film, The Wrath Of Khan.                                                   

25) This Side Of Paradise, German title: Falsche Paradiese

Written by: D.C. Fontana and Jerry Sohl

Directed by: Ralph Senensky

Spock has his emotional controls removed by spores and falls for a woman who genuinely loves him  

Kirk is a real part pooper in this one! Of course his love for the Enterprise makes it possible for him to break from the spore's influence. Nimoy seems to be enjoying himself in this one. Course if you got to snog Jill Ireland I think you would too! As for the plot, it's not bad, but it's not the most inspiring one either.

26) The Devil In The Dark, German title: Horta rettet ihre Kinder

Written by: Gene L. Coon

Directed by: Joseph Pevney

After miners on Janus 6 are killed by a strange monster, The Enterprise crew is called in to exterminate the pest.

One of the most intelligent eps ever, this is Shatner's favourite. The plot is excellent and well paced, and the 'villain' actually becomes the 'hero' is great storytelling. Coon really is a great writer and would go on to write some of the best episodes of the series. The effects look a bit tacky but it doesn't spoil a very enjoyable and thought provoking episode. However, Spock mind-melding with the creature is embarassing!

27) Errand Of Mercy, German title: Kampf um Organia

Written by: Gene L. Coon

Directed by: John Newland

Kirk and Spock must negotiate with a peaceful race before the Klingons attack the planet.

I like this one a lot, it shows the stupidity of war. The scenes with Kirk and Kor are great and pretty funny, especially when the Organians let slip who Kirk is. The guy who plays Kor is a great actor, and is clearly enjoying himself. The final chat betwen Kirk and Spock is good, letting us know what they both think, too. All in all an interesting episode and fun becuase we see the Klingons for the first time.

28) City On The Edge Of Forever, German title: Griff in die Geschichte

Written by: Harlan Ellison

Directed by: Joseph Pevney

Kirk must sacrifice his true love to stop a drug crazed Bones changing history

This has been voted the best episode of Star Trek ever. I can see why. It's a real classic, that still holds up today and was written by sci-fi legend Harlan Ellison. The scenes between Kirk and Edith Keeler are touching and the ending is heartbreaking. Joan Collins in a very different role than Alexis Colby in Dynasty! This doesn't stop a lot of humour coming through between Kirk, Spock and Bones though, especially when Spock is trying to build a primitive computer.

29) Operation: Annihilate! German title: Spock außer Kontrolle

Written by: Steven Carabatsos

Directed by: Herschel Dougherty 

A planet under siege from parasitic aliens must be cleaned up.

Okie Dokie. Star Trek has been great for the past 6-7 eps, this one is ok but a comedown from those. The plot is more than a bit hard to take, it stretches the limits of credibility, even if this is sci-fi. The scene where Jim finds his brother dead is however very well acted even if his brother is William Shatner wearing a slug under his nose! 

Kirk must be in need of a shrink by the end of this season! He's been split in half, nearly killed several times, had his true love stolen, his brother killed and Spock nearly permanently blinded!  


Yesteryear (Animated episode)

Written by: D.C. Fontana

Directed by: Hal Sutherland

Spock appears not to be recognised by the crew after a trip through the Guardian of Forever

OK, this is not a canonical episode, but I thought it was worth including as it has a lot of character stuff with Spock. The animation is very impressive, and the likenesses are striking! We also get to see unusual aliens like the 3-legged Lt. Arex. The story itself is up there with the best of the live action series, unlike most of the episodes of this series, but has to be remembered that this show is aimed at kids. The way the adult Spock and the child Spock are handles is interesting, and the ending is quite touching in a childlike way. I enjoy this episode, and like the book The Joy Machine (which is an unused script by Theodore Sturgeon) would like to have seen them as actual live action episodes. Good stuff.

At a Glance

Number of eps: 80 (79 without The Cage)

Number of Red Shirts killed: 64!

Number of times Kirk has broken the Prime Directive: Countless.