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The Crew of the Enterprise

This page is a profile on each of the main characters in Star Trek, pus a couple of minor ones.


Captain/Admiral James T. Kirk

Kirk was born in 2233 in Iowa on Earth. He had one brother called Sam who died in the episode Operation: Annihilate! Kirk was an intensely driven person who enjoyed life as much as he enjoyed dangerous escapades. He was very loyal, had a sharp sense of humour, and was very intelligent. He was also very much a ladies' man and would think nothing of snogging the female guest star of the week's episode! His best friends were Spock and McCoy. Kirk was a relaxed and natural leader, who could be authoratitve when needed. He would also think nothing of 'bending' a few rules to suit the situation.

Kirk found fame during his original 5 year mission as captain of the Starship Enterprise. The Enterprise turned out to be his one true love and he would die to protect his ship and crew. Because of his reputation as a fearsome opponent in battle and stories of his missions spreading across the galaxy, Kirk earned himself as many enemies as fans. Among his main rivals were Khan, a genetically superior human from the 20th century and several Klingon and Romulan captains. 

After the Enterprise returned to Earth after the 5 year mission, Kirk was promoted to Admiral, but quickly got bored with being a 'desk-bound paper pusher,' Once the Enterprise was upgraded, Kirk won back command in time for the V'ger threat in 2271. After that mission, Kirk commanded a second 5 year mission.

In 2285, Kirk was now an instructor at Starfleet Academy and was even more bored. He was also depressed at being stuck, ageing with nothing to do, until the Genesis Project scare. During the mission, Spock was killed, and Kirk broke direct orders to save Spock from Genesis. After Spock had recovered, Kirk and co. returned to Earth, but found the planet being destroyed by a probe. Realising that only an extinct species could save the planet he, along with the rest of his man crew went back in time and managed to save Earth. He was busted back to Captain for disobeying orders.

Kirk was about to retire in 2293, when the last mission aboard the Enterprise, to escort the head of the Klingon Empire to Earth for peace talks turned into a diplomatic crisis. Kirk and co. managed to save the day once again. Later that year, Kirk was attending the launch of the Enterprise-B, when the ship was trapped by a strange phenomenon. Kirk was apparently killed saving the new Enterprise.

Kirk was played by William Shatner




Captain/Commander Spock
The first officer of the Enterprise was the half human, half Vulcan Mr. Spock. Spock was born in 2230 on the planet Vulcan, to Sarek, a distinguished ambassador and Amanda, a human schoolteacher. His bloodtype was T-negative.
When he was 5, Spock had a sehlat, a Vulcan 'teddybear' with 6 inch fangs. He got a lot of stick from other Vulcans for being partly human. Around this time, Spock was saved from a dragon creature by a time traveller names Selek, which actually turned out to be Spock from the future. When he was 7 he was betrothed to T'Pring, who he would later have Ponn Farr for.
Spock and his father did not see eye-to-eye for many years, and Sarek was especially upset when Spock left to join Starfleet. Spock became a crewman aboard the Enterprise when the ship was commanded by Christopher Pike, and he was present for the first contact with Talos 4. Spock became first officer when Kirk took command. Spock quickly became Kirk's best friend, and the two enjoyed playing chess together. Spock and Kirk have saved each others' lives on many occasions. Spock is also good friends with Bones, but neither of them would admit this to the other :-)
Spock returned to Vulcan to undergo the Kolinahr ceremony but failed because of V'ger's return towards Earth in 2271, so Spock returned to the Enterprise for the mission and stayed on as first officer.
Spock became captain of the Enterprise when the ship became used for training purposes in the early 2280's. He did saving the ship from the Genesis device in 2285, but was reborn on the new Genesis planet later that year, before returning and saving Earth with the rest of the Enterprise crew.
Spock retired from Starfleet after the Khitomer mission and became a Vulcan ambassador. Vulcans have a life span of about 200 years, so we may not have seen the last of Spock just yet! 
Spock was played by Leonard Nimoy

The rest


Commander Leonard McCoy M.D.

'Bones' as he was nicknamed was the Chief Medical officer of the Enterprise, and served on the ship for 27 years. Bones was from Georgia on Earth and was born in 2227, was married once and had a daughter named Joanne. McCoy's father had a terrible illness, so he allowed his father to die peacefully, but shortly after, a cure for his father's disease was found and Bones carried the guilt for many years.

Bones and Spock were best friends but would think nothing of bickering and good naturedly arguing, much to Kirk's amusement.

In 2267, Bones accidentally injected himself with a drug that sent him temporarily crazy, and he was able to go back in time in this state and change history. Spock and Kirk followed him back and set the timeline straight again.

Bones retired from Starfleet after the Enterprise returned from it's first five year mission, but Kirk managed to persuade him to rejoin the ship shortly after it was rebuilt. Bones stayed on with the ship until his eventual retirement after the Khitomer conference.  

McCoy was played by DeForest Kelley



Commander Montgomery Scott
Scotty was the Chief Engineerof the Enterprise, and was even more proud of the ship and it's engines than Kirk. Scotty was a brilliant engineer, known for coming up with quick fix solutions to problems. He was called The Miracle Worker by Bones. Scotty was born in 2222 in Glasgow on Earth.
Scotty served on various ships for 52 years service, but it was only when he joined the Enterprise at the start of Kirk's five year mission that he was given the respect he was due.
Scotty was once accused of murder, but was found innocent after the real killer was found to be Jack The Ripper. Scotty was also killed and brought back to life by Nomad, a space probe that confused Kirk for it's creator.
Scotty was head of the team that redesigned and rebuilt the Enterprise after the five year mission, and stayed on again as Chief Engineer when the ship went on it's second five year mission. He became an instructor at Starfleet Academy afterwards and was later promoed to head of engineering on the USS Excelsior. Scotty sabotaged the ship and allowed the Enterprise to get away to Genesis. Scotty was actually the man who 'invented' transparent aluminium!
Scotty retired after the Khitomer conference along with most of the rest of the Enterprise officers.
Scotty was played by James Doohan

Fave charcters

My fave charcter is Spock, then Kirk and Bones equally. The three can't exist without each of the other two.


Lieutenant/Commander/Captain Hikaru Sulu
Sulu was born in 2237 in Kobe, Earth. Sulu had many varied hobbies incuding martial arts, firearms, fencing, botany, and ancient aircraft.
Sulu was physcist and helmsman of the Enterprise right from when Kirk took command of the ship until 2290, when he was promoted to captain of the Excelsior. Sulu was captain of the Excelsior at the time of the Khitomer conference, and tried to rescue Kirk and Bones from Rura Pente. The Excelsior was damaged trying to rescue the 2, but was on hand to save the Khitomer conference. Sulu continued his missions as captain of the Excelsior for several years afterwards.   
Sulu was played by George Takei


Lieutenant/Commander Uhura
Uhura's name means 'freedom' in Swahili. Uhura was Communications officer of the Enterprise throught her stay on the ship, which, like Bones lasted 27 years. Uhura was a highly skilled technician and also a talented musician. She was born in 2241 in Nairobi, Earth.
Uhura was an instructor at Starfleet Academy from 2278 to 2285 and was present for the ship's final mission at Khitomer.
Uhura was played by Nichelle Nichols


Ensign/Commander Pavel Chekov
Chekov was the Navigator and weapons officer aboard the Enterprise. He joined the ship in time for Star Trek's second season, and proved a valuable, humourous officer. He was born in 2245 in Kiev on Earth, and was immensely proud of his Russian background. Chekov became first officer of the Starship Reliant in 2278, and served the Genesis project in 2285.
Chekov had a borther named Piotr. During the Enterprise's refit, Chekov was given another role, security chief, and was very good in that role. Chokov retired from duty after the Khitomer conference.
Chekov was played by Walter Koenig.