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Bodie's full name is William Andrew Phillip Bodie. ''All the princes. I was such a regal looking baby!'' But he only answers to his surname. Bodie is about 28 years old and is around 6'0''. He joined C I 5 in 1975, straight from the SAS. He comes from Liverpool (listen to his voice. Sometimes you can hear a scouse accent) and is half Irish. His life before the SAS is not very clear, as Bodie keeps changing his story, but what we can work out that he ran away from home at about 15 and joined the Merchant Navy. From there he became a mercenary in Africa, fighting obscure wars.

While in Africa, Bodie fell in love with a nurse, and was going to marry her, until a rival from Bodie's mercenary group also fell for her. The rival's name was Krivas.

Krivas killed her, and Bodie left Africa. He joined the Paratroop Regiment and from there he joined the SAS, eventually gaining the rank of Sergeant.

While stationed in Germany he met a woman named Marikka, who he fell for, and they spent a lot of time together. But then Marikka left him and married a film director instead.

Bodie is an expert marksman with rifles, and is a black belt in judo and kung fu.

While in the SAS, Bodie's unique skills were noticed by George Cowley, who was looking for recruits for his organisation that he had recently formed called C I 5. Bodie accepted and joined the squad. Bodie is the more restained of the 2, and often has to hold Doyle back or rescue him from trouble. When he does let rip at someone he's worse than Doyle and much harder to stop.

Bodie seems to be quite intelligent, but likes to hide this behind his hardman image, although he does sometimes show his brains when he feels he has to, for instance in several episodes he quotes Keats, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Shakespeare. He also likes classic movies like The Third Man and White Heat.

Bodie's devil-may-care attitude was tempered by Doyle, who was more conservative. The two agents are best friends, and are Cowley's best men, but Cowley would never admit that to them!

Bodie's main hobbies are martial arts, weaponry, sports, going out, and although not strictly a hobby, 'chatting birds up!'

Bodie was played by Lewis Collins



Doyle's full name is Raymond Doyle. Doyle is about 30 when we meet him in the first episode. He is around 5'10''. He describes himself as being 'a right tearaway' and joined the police force to get discipline.

Doyle joined C I 5 in late 1975, but before that he was a hardworking police constable working in the east end of London, although originally, he comes from Derby. He had a record number of arrests, but according to Cowley he was always ''Correct, detailed and scrupulously fair.''

Doyle is an expert in karate and kendo, but rarely seems to put these skills to practice in a fight. He is also a champion in pistol shooting and was also an art student in his early life, and worked to put himself through the classes. He also took dancing lessons (watch Involvement).

Doyle seems to be pretty intelligent, and thinks things through before making a decision. He is easily recognisable by a scar on his right cheek and his imfamous bubble perm hairstyle. He is also a mobile conscience, and always makes time for those in need. Doyle is however, a very tough guy, with a quick and occasionally violent temper, but seems to calm down quickly. Despite this, Doyle is more outwardly intelligent than Bodie, liking to think things through. He does charge in like a bull at a gate unlike Bodie, and Bodie usually has to restrain or charge to the rescue.

His best friends are Bodie, Murphy, Jax and Maurice Richards, who was killed by Preston in Hunter/Hunted.

Doyle's hobbies are classical music, martial arts, going out and he enjoys health foods, which Bodie always teases him about. He also has a distressing habit of falling in love with the female guest star of the week's episode.

Doyle was played by Martin Shaw.


The head of C I 5 is the formidable George Cowley. Cowley is about 56, and has been an intelligence agent for most of his life. He is around 5'9''.

Cowley is a proud Scotsman, who is very fond of Pure Malt Scotch. He started his intelligence service in the early 1940's, working for S I S and then M I 5. He became head of M I 5 in the mid 1960's, but then realised that a lot of the crime in Britain at the time was at a level that was too high for the police to cope with, but too low for the secret services to become involved with.

Cowley decided that something drastic had to be done, so in 1971, he called a meeting of the heads of the secret services, the police and the home secretary. He proposed an idea of a special squad that would be able to deal with these new threats to Britain's security.

There was a lot of opposition to the idea, but the home secretary agreed with Cowley. Cowley left M I 5 and set up Criminal Intelligence 5-C I 5 in 1972.

Cowley can be quite heartless with unco-opreative people, and he has no time for silly rules. But he is also a generous and strong minded leader, and in the right mood has a sense of humour similar to Bodie! Bodie and Doyle call him The Cow out of earshot and has been called ruthless and brave by them. Cowley doesn't like being called 'old'. He has to keep Bodie and Doyle in line, which usually means dishing a bawling out to them, but he is like a father figure. He is an extrememly cunning and intelligent man with a strong sense of justice and honour, and seems to have a lot of behind the scenes power in Whitehall.

Cowley's hobbies are golf, crosswords, cricket and reading.

Cowley was played by the late, great Gordon Jackson


Murphy's full name is James Murphy. He is about 26.

We don't really know very much about Murphy, but we know that he is an anti-terrorist expert, and has been trained in interrogation techniques. He joined C I 5 in 1979, and became one of the best agents with his cool but menacing presence. He is an expert climber and rifle marksman. He is good friends with Bodie and likes playing jokes on him!

Murphy was played by Steve Alder.


Almost nothing is known about Jax, apart from he seems to be good friends with Doyle and Bodie doesn't like him very much! He looks like he's in his late 20's. He joined C I 5 around 1976. Only seen during the first season, Jax was a field agent. He enjoys jogging with Doyle and goign to the pub. Some think he became Murphy's partner.

Jax was played by Joseph Charles