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Ayrton Senna and Gilles Villeneuve
Senna Biography
Villeneuve Biography
Great Races

I think quotes are better than interviews becuase you can get an idea of what people are really like.

Senna quotes

Racing, competing, is in my blood. It is part of who I am. 

I make mistakes. We all do, none of us are infallible.

My most memorable win was in Portugal, my first win with Lotus, in the rain. It was very tricky, but that's what made it all the more satisfying.

On a given day, you think you have a limit. You then go for the limit and you touch the limit, and you say 'OK this is the limit.' As soon as you touch this limit, you know you can go further, with your concentration, your training and your determination, you can fly very high.

I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence


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Gilles Villeneuve
I sold the house to buy my first racing car. I really did think my wife was gonna kill me!
I have never got out of a car and though I could try harder.
This is the greatest day of my life!       Gilles had just won his home race.
I just drive the car as fast as possible, but I try not to overdo it.

Quotes from other drivers
Mansell on Senna: He was more latin, I was more reserved and he'd do things I didn't expect him to do. He once told me I was ******* crazy! I thought, 'Now he thinks I'm crazy I'm safe!'
Prost on Senna: Ayrton has a small problem. He thinks he can't kill himself, because he believes in God, and I think that's very dangerous.
Prost again: While I was committed 100%, he was committed 120%. It was scary.
Berger on Senna: When you get in a team you always look for a team mate's weakness, but with him I didn't find anything, he was unbelievably quick in qualifying and in the race. He was quick when he was lapping people, he was quick in the rain, he was quick on street circuits, he was quick on all circuits. Finally I sat down and said 'How am I gonna beat him?!'
Niki Lauda on Senna: He was the greatest driver ever.
Michael Schumacher on Senna: Ayrton was, is and always will be the King.
James Hunt on Ayrton: He commits himself so brilliantly it's hard to see anyone coming close to him.
Mansell on Gilles Villeneuve: He was a great friend, he took me up in his helicopter once and he flew it the same way he drove.
Keke Rosberg on Villeneuve: He was the worst person to race against because he would never give up, but he was always fair. A great driver!
Niki Lauda on Gilles:  One night I was trying to sleep in my hotel room, and I heard a helicopter outside. Illegal, impossible, mad. Who could it be but Gilles! He was the craziest person I ever met in F1.
Juan Manuel Fangio on Gilles: Although small in stature, he was a giant of motor racing.
Jacques Laffite on Gilles: I know no man can work miracles but Gilles was so special that he made you wonder.
Rene Arnoux on Gilles: I will always treasure our battle in France. It was truly wonderful.
James Hunt on Gilles: He beat me fair and square in that street race. I thought he could go far, and I was happy to see him race.
Jody Scheckter on Gilles: Gilles was the fastest driver in the history of F1. And he was the most honest man I've ever met.
Enzo Ferrari on Gilles: Among my loved ones I see the face of this great man: Gilles Villeneuve.