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The Sweeney


Jack vs. Gene

1) So, what got you into The Sweeney?
I'd already seen Starsky and Hutch and was just getting into The Professionals on G- back in 2000. The Sweeney started to be shown right after Profs so I sat and watched it and just loved it. Having grown up in the 90's with all that girl power bollocks, it was really good to see blokes allowed to be blokes again :) I seem to remember watching the repeats on ITV in the late 80's with my Grandma as well.
2) Regan or Carter?
Regan every time. I can't believe John Thaw could play him and Inspector Morse. Two characters that couldn't have been more different if you tried! Regan would eat Morse alive!! That doesn't take away from Dennis who I thought was great and even better in Minder.
3) How many times did Regan say 'SHUT IT!'?
I counted about 14 times during the series. Me being a sad bastard I notice these things :)
4) We know your favourite episode. What's your least favourite?
I hate those silly comedy episodes that mar season four. Probably the worst is Trust Red, but there are a few throughout the series that are bad.
5) What do you think of Life on Mars?
Love it! Best thing to come on TV for years. Phil Glenister is perfect in that and John Simm (although I think he has a far less interesting character to play) is doing a good job with Sam. Wish they'd cut out the stuff with 'we shouldn't do it the hard way' because there's only so many times you can have the same conversation.

6) Did the actors enjoy working together on the series?
Yes. John, Garfield  and Dennis were friends from before they worked together on The Sweeney and were reported as being very happy on the set, and always made time for the public during meetings. John said that he enjoyed watching repeats of the series whilst he was filming Inspector Morse, as it helped him better get into the character of Oxford's most famous detective, distancing him from the rough and tumble of the flared villain bashers of the Flying Squad. Dennis has recorded several audio commentaries on the series, as has Garfield Morgan, and both are happy to reminisce about their time in the series.
7) Did they do their own stunts?
All but the most dangerous bits, yes.
8) What was Target?
Target was the BBC's answer to our favourite cop show. It starred Patrick Mower as DI Steve Hackett and was made by BBC during 1977 and 1978. In all, 17 episodes were made. I've seen bits of episodes, as the series hasn't been seen on TV since the late 70's, and whilst fast moving and fun it wasn't as varied or as intelligent as The Sweeney. Also, some of the violence (sometimes implied) is unbelievable! One part I remember was someone being stabbed rather too realistically and being thrown into a river! The BBC canned it after two series due to low ratings.