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from T.A Halligan in Nothern Ireland.

i met him in ireland when he was on a promotional tour for some sponsor just after he had won the world championship.somebody was trying to cash in on his success by charging 2 to have a photo taken with james . james became annoyed , shouting nobody has to pay to have a photo taken with me . he spent about an hour talking to some children and a group from underpriviliged inner city flats , joking and talking to them totally ignoring the v.i.p.s and finally pulled a wad of cash from his pocket giving it to the kids to "get some chocolate ". i was astounded by his warmth towards these poor kids , the camera crews had long since left and it was a totally human gesture. what a genuine decent bloke he was and what a loss.


From Dave Tildsley in Bolton

I met James Twice, in his championship year and also towards the end of his career when he was driving for the Wolf team, Amazing....charismatic....funny fact nothing like today's f1 brat pack!


I was recently contacted by Keith Clark who had this to say. Thanks to Keith for his input!

I lived in Towcester, home of Hesketh Racing, in the 70's.  My girlfriend at that time was Lorraine, and her Father worked for Alexander Hesketh, I used to go with him at weekends and spend time with the racing team.  James Hunt became a good friend, he always had time for the "ordinary" guy.  I had one of the pups from one of James' dogs...  I also went with the team to practice sessions at Silverstone.  I have many great memories of James and he will always be to me a great guy.  I also have an original Hesketh Racing jacket,  the ORIGINAL jacket, made of pure silk and with the ORIGINAL teddy bear logo, not the one they had to adopt later because the original was patented...  I remember the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1976and remember watching James catching Nikki lap by lap until finally taking the lead and the crowd went absolutely wild......  great memories of a fantastic guy, that I am proud to call a friend too!!!!  

If you have memories of James and want to share them, then email me, and I'll be happy to put your story here. Thanks


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